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This is #DigitalCheckNRW

The #DigitalCheckNRW is an important project for the state government in NRW [North Rhine Westphalia] The aim is to enable digital participation for all citizens. You can test your own media skills via the check and fill  gaps by means of further training programs.

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Wie kann ich Social Media Fake News erkennen?

How can we distinguish true news from fake news? You can help by taking a digital news test, using a fact finder or listening to a podcast. In order to recognize possible fake news, we have summarized important tips and links for you. How can I avoid fake news? Where can I find competent advice? You'll find the answers here.
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What is a cloud?

The amount of data we process and store every day is growing and growing. And with it, the need for storage space. Even though modern computers have plenty of storage space these days, storing data in the cloud is becoming increasingly popular. But what exactly is this cloud?
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Create email address - how to do it?

The advantages of an e-mail over a letter are obvious: it is faster and less expensive than sending it by mail. Electronic archiving is also less expensive. Its electronic form means that it can be automated. And in addition to the ease of handling an e-mail, we can also respond to e-mails quickly and easily. But how do I create an e-mail address? We explain it to you step by step.
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How do search engines work?

"I'll Google that for a minute." It feels like any question can be answered with the help of search engines. But as simple as it seems, it's not necessarily so. We'll show you how to use reverse image search, what algorithms have to do with search, and much more.
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