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This is #DigitalCheckNRW

The #DigitalCheckNRW is an important project for the state government in NRW [North Rhine Westphalia] The aim is to enable digital participation for all citizens. You can test your own media skills via the check and fill  gaps by means of further training programs.

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Artificial Intelligence,

Bots und Chat GPT

The term artificial intelligence (AI) is omnipresent in media and political debates. But what exactly do we mean by AI? How and where do we encounter artificial intelligence in everyday life? A short article will give you a short definition and at the same time show examples of application. In addition, we will go into the current developments around ChatGPT.

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This is how the #DigitalCheckNRW works

Take the test

Choose a test from the different topics available.

Check your score

At the end of the test, you will know what you are already good at and what you could still learn.

Keep on training

Are you still feeling a bit unsure in some individual digital fields? Find out about the great offer provided by training providers in NRW.

Take the test!

Select a suitable topic

Operate & Use

"A smartphone is a fixed part of my everyday life. This allows me to make appointments online easily.
Is my data safe though?"

Inform & Research

"I can find everything on the Internet, just not what I'm looking for right away.
How can I improve my searches?"

Communicate & Cooperate

"I use my smartphone to write to my son. It would also be nice to see him in real.
How do I make a video call?"

Produce & Present

"I often have to give presentations at work. There are probably other ways, but I often use the same standard templates.
Where can I learn more?"

Analyze & Reflect

"I find many articles in social media that interest me.
But how do I know what content I can trust?"

Problem Solve & Model

"I order a lot of books online for my studies. I'm fascinated about how cookies work when I see the advertisements. How does it work?"

The world you live in is becoming increasingly digital. Are you though?

The film shows you how the #DigitalCheckNRW works: As an easy-to-access and free self-test, it helps you to understand what you already know about digital media and find suitable training programs online and offline.

You can be digital

The training database is only available in German

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Selected providers

Who is the project for?

Citizens living in the state of NRW

The #DigitalCheckNRW is aimed at all people who want to know where they stand digitally and those interested in becoming more digitally competent.

Training Institutions

The #DigitalCheckNRW publishes training programs aimed at media competences free-of-charge. These programs are even more visible and recommendations are made for the right programs.
Become a provider (only available in German)